Dr. Vikas Varma is a neurologist and pain management specialist with the focus on the diagnoses and treatment of chronic pain. He has trained at the best teaching hospitals in the U.S including Mt. Sinai School of medicine, Hahnemann University, and North Shore University Hospital where he is currently an attending physician.

Dr. Varma holds numerous board certifications and accolades. He is board certified by Word Institute of pain, American Board of Pain Medicine, UCNS Pain (ABPM). Dr. Varma has also been named the Top Neurologist by the Leading Physicians of the World and was awarded the Best Pain Practice by World Institute of Pain.

Dr. Varma is passionate about people increasing their overall health and wellness and helping people overcome, or find ways, to get rid of their existing conditions.

His center, New York Stem Cell, focuses on regenerative medicine and also the balancing of hormones to ensure optimal health. Dr. Varma offers a non-surgical option for many degenerative conditions that many people suffer from daily.

As we look to our future, we find technology and scientific breakthroughs moving us forward in unexpected ways. This ongoing discovery has given rise to a new alternative method of treatment, a new way of managing our lives. Stem cell therapy has become one of the most exciting and promising fields of biological science today. Advancements in stem cell therapy can give us the ability to manage our wellness so we can live fuller and healthier lives.